Device Recall Bausch & Lomb Disposable 27G cannula

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    Worldwide distribution: USA including DC and PR; and countries of: Canada and Mexico accounts not available at this time.
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    Bausch and Lomb 27G sterile cannula packed in the Bausch and Lomb Amvisc 1.2% Sodium Hyaluronate ( Model 59051, 59081, 59051L, 59081L) and Amvisc Plus 1.6% Sodium Hyaluronate (Model 60081, 60051, 60051L, 60081L) ophthalmic viscosurgical device. || The 27G disposable cannula is attached to the syringe standard luer fitting to deliver the Amvis or Amvis Plus during use as a surgical aid in opthalmic anterior or posterior segment procedures.
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    Bausch and Lomb, Incorporated, 30 Enterprise Ste 450, Aliso Viejo CA 92656-7115
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