(1) CUSTOM SETS OF THE HEART-LUNG EXTRACORPHORUS PERFUSION UNIT; (2) PERSONALIZED STEREO SETS OF THE HEART-LUNG EXTRACORPHORUS PERFUSION UNIT; (3) STEREO VOLUME LINES OF EXPURGO. Lots: (1) 04F0186, 05F0004, 06F0005, 06F0151, 06F0159, 06F0165, 06F0168, 06F0189, 06F0193, 06F0248, 06F0255, 06F0300, 06F0323, 06F0347, 06F0379, 07F0003, 07F0017, 07F0038, 07F0081, 07F0094, 07F0100 , 07F0185, 08F0006, 08F0006, 08F0018, 08F0036, 08F0082, 08F0194, 08F0194, 08F0194, 08F0253, 08F0256, 08F0258, 08F0265, 08F0288, 08F0346, 08F0348, 08F0375, 08F0386, 09F0002, 09F0117 THROUGH 09F0119, 09F0195, 09F0212, 09F0251, 09F0261 , 09F0265, 09F0265, 09F0266, 09F0266, 09F0269, 10F0011, 10F0290, 10F0294, 10F0323, 10F0328, 10F0341, 10F0353, 10F0362, 10F0264, 10F0264, 10F0260, 10F0276, 10F0286, 10F0212 , 10F0368, 10F0369, 10F0369, 10F0389, 10F0389, 10F0392, 10F0428, 10F0453, 10F0460, 10F0461, 10F0464, 11F0003, 11F0024, 11F0030, 11F0098, 11F0099, 11F0111, 10F0115, 11F0163, 11F0210, 11F0214; (2) 06F0862MP, 08F0827MP, 08F0832MP, 09F0832MP, 09F0850MP, 09F0852MP; (3) 06F0600.