Trade Name: Bardport Port Fully Implantable in Titanium and Silicon; Fully Implantable Bardport in Plastic and Silicone; Port Implanted X-Port Isp with Silicone Catheter and Peel-Apart Bard Introducer Kit; Powerport Chronoflex Open End Mri; Powerport Catheter Groshong Valvular Mri. Technical Name: Infusion Catheter; Infusion Port Catheter. ANVISA registration number :. 80689090126; 80689090128; 80689090136; 80689090103; 80689090105. Hazard Class: IV. Affected model: Titanium Ports (base diameter: 31.7 mm, height: 14.5 mm, weight: 15.4 g); Port Titanium Dome (base diameter: 27.2 mm, height: 15 mm, weight: 7.9 g); MRI Ports Low Profile (base diameter: 24.8 mm, height: 10 mm, weight: 3.2 g); connectable; 8 Fr - Polyurethane catheter without suture plug; 8F MRI without suture plug, single lumen .. Serial Numbers Affected: Code Lot Number: 0602240 REBT0050; 0602850 REBT0345; 0603870 REBT2330; 0607555 REBT2153; 0607555 REBV1315; 8808061 REBU0499; 8808561 REBU1200