X-ray Mobile Device X-ray Mobile Device Registration Number ANVISA: 80071260301 Hazard Class: III Model Affected: Brivo OEC 715, Brivo OEC 785, Brivo OEC 865 Affected serial numbers: • GE Brivo OEC715: Series numbers B2S15158 to B2S15164; B2S15166 to B2S15171; B2S15173 to B2S15195; B2S15197; B2S15200; B2S15202; B2S16046; B2S16050; B2S16051; • GE Brivo OEC785: Series numbers B3S15236; B3S15241; B3S15242; B3S15246; B3S15248; B3S15250; B3S15253 to B3S15257; B3S15259 to B3S15338; B3S15353; B3S15357 to B3S15359; B3S16152; • GE Brivo OEC865: Series numbers B4S15063 to B4S15070; B4S15072; B4S15073; B4S15075; B4S16029