17G Cryoablation Needle Holder


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Un dispositif médical avec un nom similaire

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    N8185-001; N9438-001; N9438-003; N9438-004; N7890-003; N7975-001; N7975-002; N8185-006; N8185-007; N7729-005; N7890-004; N9438-002; N8185-005; N8185-008; N7890-005; N7975-003; N7729-001; N7729-002; N8185-009; N8185-010; N7729-003; N7729-004; N7890-001; N7890-002 ; N7975-004;N7975-005
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) including the states of CA, NY, NC, WA and the countries of CANADA, DENMARK, FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, TAIWAN and UNITED KINGDOM.
  • Description du dispositif
    Galil Medical, 17G Cryoablation Needle Holder FPRPR 4014, Rx only, Sterile EO. || Product Usage: || Galil Medicals 17G Cryoablation Needle Holder (Needle Holder) is intended for use only with a Galil Medical Needle Testing Device (NTD). The NTD, a component used when performing cryogenic destruction of tissue with a Galil Medical Cryoablation System, is intended for performing a Needle Integrity and Functionality Test in preparation for a cryoablation procedure, and also serves to organize and support the cryoablation needles and thermal sensors in a sterile environment, prior to use.
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