CALAXO interference screw implants

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    Bioresorbable screw: CALAXO interference screw implants manufactured by Smith & Nephew Inc. All lot numbers and all item codes distributed since 2006. Smith & Nephew Inc. is recalling all lot numbers and all item codes of CALAXO screws which were first distributed in the UK in 2006. This screw is used to secure the graft in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Worldwide, 0.3% of patients have developed pre-tibial soft tissue swelling, which can mimic the appearance of an infection between 2 and 36 weeks after implantation. The manufacturer is currently investigating the cause of this problem. Most cases resolved without intervention. A small number of cases needed local debridement and removal of any remaining screw fragments, or replacement with an alternative screw or bone graft. The manufacturer estimates that about 2,550 devices have been used in the UK since 2006. The manufacturer is aware of seven reported cases of inflammation in the UK of which two required implant revision. The manufacturer wrote to chief executive officers of trusts, theatre managers, and surgeons who were known to use CALAXO about this product recall in August 2007 (see MHRA website). This notice is to facilitate the recall.
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