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    “If our surveillance systems identify a potential performance issue, our personnel promptly evaluate the problem, including, when appropriate, conducting root cause investigations and internal testing to assess whether the product continues to meet specifications and defined performance criteria,” Medtronic told ICIJ in a statement. “In some cases, based on this evaluation, Medtronic may determine that a recall is necessary.” The company said that it communicates with healthcare providers and/or patients and provide recommendations to address such issues. Medtronic noted that these communications can include letters, emails, calls, press releases, physician notifications and social media postings, as well as informing the FDA and other regulators of the actions.
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    MMT-326A Lot Numbers:  H8437486 H8441420 H8442973 H8451531 H8486688 H8489386 H8485398 H8500423 H8500472 H8503728 H8512826 H8503372 H8510440 H8539013 H8627745  MMT-332A Lot Numbers: H8416432 H8420977 H8422490 H8424676 H8452933 H8455959 H8457716 H8459557 H8461538 H8463297 H8464121 H8467888 H8469703 H8471745 H8473271 H8476270 H8478398 H8473106 H8492449 H8491921 H8494645 H8496561 H8509305 H8512566 H8515317 H8517079 H8521052 H8541843 H8584244 H8603292 H8604958 H8635301
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherland, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Uruguay and Venezuela.
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    Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Reservoirs, Model No: MMT-326A (1.8mL) and MMT-332A (3.0mL) || The model MMT-326A and MMT-332A are syringe type insulin reservoirs intended for use with Medtronic Paradigm series insulin infusion pumps. The two reservoirs are identical except for barrel length and as a result, maximum insulin capacity. The MMT-326A holds a maximum of 1.8ml of insulin whereas the longer MMT-332A reservoir can hold up to 3.0ml of insulin. Both reservoirs are supplied sterile and are labeled for single use. Typically, the reservoir is replaced every tow or three days at the time of infusion set replacement. The Paradigm reservoirs have a shelf life of three years post sterilization. || Product Quantity Distributed (Int) 669,672 units
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