220-240V Unit Cable (power cord) for Infusomat fmS, Infusomat P and SpaceCover


Un dispositif médical avec un nom similaire

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  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Affected power cords have been manufactured by B Braun supplier HAWA in the period from July 2016 (marked as M7 Y6) until June 2018 (marked as M6 Y8). The affected power cord has been shipped together with one of the following products: Infusomat P Deutsch 230 V (8712174), Infusomat P Netherlands 230 V (8712190), Infusomat P Czech 230 V (8712344), Infusomat P English 230 V (8712379), SpaceCover Comfort (8713145), SpaceCover Standard (8713147), Infusomat fmS Deutsch 230 V (8715424), Infusomat fmS Danish 230 V (8715432), Infusomat fmS Spanish 230 V (8715459), Infusomat fmS French 230 V (8715521), Infusomat fmS English 230 V (8715548), Infusomat fmS Italian 230 V (8715564), Infusomat fmS Czech 230 V (8715580) and as separate 220-240V Unit Cable (34502718).
  • Description du dispositif
    Infusion pumps, power cord
  • Manufacturer