Bard Criticore


Un dispositif médical avec un nom similaire

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  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Catalog number 000002N, Serial numbers: DYTA0001, DYTA0002, DYTA0003, DYTA0007, DYTA0008, DYTA0011, DYTA0012, DYTA0015, DYTA0016, DYTA0017, DYTA0018, DYTA0019, DYTA0020, DYTA0021, DYTA0022, DYTA0024, DYTA0025, DYTA0027, DYTA0028, DYTA0029, DYTA0030, DYTA0031, DYTA0032, DYTA0033, DYTA0034, DYTA0036, DYTA0037, DYTA0038, DYTA0039, DYTA0040, DYTA0041, DYTA0042, DYTA0043, DYTA0044, DYTA0045, DYTA0046, DYTA0047, DYTA0049, DYTA0050, DYTA0051, DYTA0052, DYTA0053, DYTA0054, DYTA0056, DYTA0057, DYTA0058, DYTA0059, DYTA0060, DYTB0001, DYTB0003, DYTB0004, DYTB0005, DYTB0009, DYTB0010, DYTB0011, DYTB0012, DYTB0013, DYTB0015, DYTB0016, DYTB0020, DYTB0021, DYTB0022, DYTB0023, DYTB0024, DYTB0025, DYTB0026, DYTB0027, DYTB0029, DYTB0030, DYTB0031, DYTB0033, DYTB0038, DYTC0001, DYTC0004, DYTC0010, DYTC0011, DYTC0016, DYTC0017, DYTC0018, DYTC0019, DYTC0020, DYTC0021, DYTC0022, DYTC0024, DYTC0025, DYTC0026, DYTC0027, DYTC0029, DYTC0030, DYTC0031, DYTC0032, DYTC0033, DYTC0034, DYTC0035, DYTC0036, DYTC0037, DYTC0038, DYTC0039, DYTC0040, DYUC0001, DYUC0002, DYUC0004, DYUC0005, DYUC0009, DYUC0012, DYUC0014, DYUC0015, DYUC0016, DYUC0017, DYUC0018, DYUC0019, DYUC0020, DYUD0001, DYUD0002, DYUD0003, DYUD0004, DYUD0005, DYUD0006, DYUD0007, DYUD0008, DYUD0009, DYUD0011, DYUD0012, DYUD0013, DYUD0014, DYUD0015, DYUD0016, DYUD0017, DYUD0019, DYUD0020, DYUD0021, DYUD0022, DYUD0023, DYUD0026, DYUD0027, DYUD0028, DYUD0029, DYUD0030, DYUD0031, DYUD0033, DYUD0034, DYUD0035, DYUD0036, DYUD0037, DYUD0038, DYUD0039, DYUD0042, DYUD0043, DYUD0045, DYUD0046, DYUD0047, DYUD0048, DYUD0049, DYUD0050, DYUD0052, DYUD0053, DYUD0055, DYUD0057, DYUD0058, DYUD0059, DYUE0002, DYUE0007, DYUE0008, DYUE0011, and DYUE0014.
  • Classification du dispositif
  • Classe de dispositif
  • Dispositif implanté ?
  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution -- U.S., Netherlands, and Japan.
  • Description du dispositif
    Bard¿ CritiCore¿ Monitor, Software Version 2.1, Catalog number 000002N, C.R. Bard, Inc., Covington, GA 30014. || Intended for multiple uses as it is an electronic battery-operated monitor used in conjunction with a single-use disposable urine collection container and/or a temperature sensing Foley catheter
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