Stckert S5 System


  • Société-mère du fabricant (2017)
  • Représentant du fabricant
    Biomedic S.A.R.L.
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Un dispositif médical avec un nom similaire

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    Item No.: 48-30-00 Serial No: 28E24640, 28E24651, 28E24642, 28E24674, 28E24657, 28E24652, 28E24671, 28E24675, 28E24676, 28E24678, 28E24670  Item No 48-40-00 Serial No: 28E24644, 28E24641, 28E24648, 28E24661, 28E24643, 28E24650, 28E24677, 28E24659, 28E24658, 28E24672, 28E24666, 28E24660, 28E24665, 28E24645, 28E24646, 28E24667, 28E24668, 28E24669, 28E24679  Item No 48-50-00 Serial No: 28E24647, 28E24663, 28E24673, 28E24664  Item No 58-00-00 Serial No.: 28E24653, 28E24654, 28E24655, 28E24656
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Nationwide in the states of AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, KS, MA, NC, TX, UT and the countries of: Great Brittan, Peru, Russia, India, Hungary, Thailand, Germany, Azerbaijan, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Bahrain, and Malaysia.
  • Description du dispositif
    St¿ckert S5 System, S5 Heart-lung machine, Cardiopulmonary bypass heart-lung machine console || Product Usage: || The St¿ckert S5 System is intended to be used during cardiopulmonary bypass for procedures lasting six (6) hours or less. These devices come in direct contact with the central circulatory system but they are not intended to control, diagnose, monitor or correct a defect.
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