Device Recall Denali FilterJugular Subclavian Delivery System

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Product # Lot # DL900J GFZJ0450 DL900J GFZJ0452 DL900J GFZJ0455 DL900J GFZK0303 DL900J GFZJ0454 DL900J GFZK0304 DL900J GFZK0306 DL950J GFZJ1176 DL950J GFZJ1177 DL900J GFZK0309 DL900J GFZK0305 DL900J GFZK0308 DL900J GFZJ0456 DL900J GFZK0307 DL900J GFZJ0460 DL900J GFZJ0459 DL900J GFZK0310 DL900J GFZK0311 DL900J GFZK0314 DL900J GFZK0313 DL900J GFZK0312 DL900J GFZK0315 DL900J GFZK0316 DL900J GFZK0317 DL900J GFZK0358 DL900J GFZK0318 DL900J GFZK0319 DL900J GFZK0360 DL900J GFZK0361 DL950J GFZK0350 DL900J GFZK0359 DL900J GFZK0362 DL900J GFZK0363 DL900J GFZK0365 DL900J GFZK0344 DL900J GFZK0345 DL900J GFZK0346 DL950J GFZK2376 DL900J GFZK3551 DL900J GFZK3553 DL900J GFZK3555 DL900J GFZK3552 DL900J GFZK3554 DL900J GFZK3557 DL900J GFZK0340 DL900J GFZK0341 DL900J GFZK0342 DL900J GFZK0343 DL900J GFZK0348 DL900J GFZK0349 DL900J GFZK3556 DL900J GFZK0347 DL900J GFZK3558 DL900J GFZK3559 DL900J GFZK3560 DL900J GFZK3561
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    Worldwide Distribution-US (nationwide) including DC and PR, and the states of MN, TX, PA, OH, IL, OR, CA, SC, NC, AK, NY, MD, GA, NJ, AZ, KY, OH, WI, AL, AR, MO, FL, MA, MT, TN, LA, CT, NE, WV, VA, NV, ME, UT, CO, WY, AR, DE, NM, IN, MN, MS, NH, IA, MI, WA, VA, KS, HI, RI, SD, VT, and the countries of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Chile.
  • Description du dispositif
    Denali Filter-Jugular/Subclavian Delivery System || Product Code: DL900J/DL950J; || Indicated for use in the prevention of recurrent pulmonary embolism via placement in the vena cava.
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    Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc, 1625 W 3rd St, Tempe AZ 85281-2438
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