Device Recall VASCUGUARD Pheripheral Vascular Patch

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    Nationwide Distribution.
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    Synovis VASCU-GUARD Peripheral Vascular Patch in the following sizes and product codes: 1x6cm, product code 1504026, 0.8x8cm, product code 1504028, 1x10cm, product code 1504030, and 2x9cm, product code 1504032. VASCU-GUARD is packaged between two pieces of foam within a double sterile barrier pouch system. The contents of the unopened, undamaged package are sterile. VASCU-GUARD is intended for use in peripheral vascular reconstruction including the carotid, renal, iliac, femoral, profunda, and tibial blood vessels and arteriovenous access revisions.
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    Synovis Surgical Innovations, Inc., 2575 University Ave W, Saint Paul MN 55114-1073
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