FLEXSTENT Femoropopliteal SelfExpanding Stent System (Clinical Study Protocol FSS0003 (OPEN trial)

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    28 Catalog Numbers   CAC-50030-V2, CAC-60030-V2, CAC-70030-V2, CAC-80030-V2, CAC-50040-V2, CAC-60040-V2, CAC-70040-V2, CAC-80040-V2, CAC-50060-V2, CAC-60060-V2, CAC-70060-V2, CAC-80060-V2, CAC-50080-V2, CAC-60080-V2, CAC-70080-V2, CAC-80080-V2, CAC-50100-V2, CAC-60100-V2, CAC-70100-V2, CAC-80100-V2, CAC-50120-V2, CAC-60120-V2, CAC-70120-V2, CAC-80120-V2, CAC-50150-V2, CAC-60150-V2, CAC-70150-V2, CAC-80150-V2
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the states of: AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, LA, MD, MI, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TX, WA, WI, WV, and the countries of: Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, and New Zealand
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    FLEXSTENT Femoropopliteal Self-Expanding Stent System. || Product Usage: || The FSS FLEXSTENT¿ Femoropopliteal SES clinical product is indicated for treatment of atherosclerotic de novo native superficial femoral artery lesions and proximal popliteal lesions.
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    Cordis Corporation, 14201 Nw 60th Ave, Miami Lakes FL 33014-2802
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