NRG Transseptal Needle and NRG RF Transseptal Kit

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    Lot numbers: NGFA240216 NGFC041115 NGFH211215 NGFA071015 NGFA151215 NGFB021115 NGFB090216 NGFB090616 NGFB101115 NGFB220216 NGFB231115 NGFB281015 NGFC110416 NGFC120116 NGFC180416 NGFC211015 NGFC250116 NGFC301115 NGFD030616 NGFD080716 NGFD091215 NGFD171115 NGFD250416 NGFE020216 NGFE090516 NGFE200116 NGFE240516 NGFF180716 NGFF211215 NGFH210316 NGFH290416 NGFI120216 NGFI270616 NGFA211015 NGFB111115 NGFB120116 NGFB140316 NGFB200616 NGFB271015 NGFC090516 NGFC161115 NGFC211215 NGFD021115 NGFD081215 NGFD160516 NGFE050116 NGFE090216 NGFE120216 NGFE290416 NGFF220216 NGFF231115 NGFF250416 NGFF270616 NGFF301115 NGFG240316 NGFG260116 NGFG300516 NGFH240516 NGFH290216 NGFI020216 NGFI210316 NGFD220216 NGFF050116 NGFA250116 NGFA240516 NGFD111115 NGFF180416 NGFH140316 NGFH151215 NGFI090616 NGFA241215 NGFB041115 NGFB070316 NGFC020216 NGFC060116 NGFC080816 NGFC120216 NGFC290416 NGFD110116 NGFD210316 NGFE200616 NGFG151215 NGFI250416 NGFB300415 NGFD040915 NGFG140715 NGFB301115 NGFA020316 NGFA030616 NGFA081215 NGFA120216 NGFA211215 NGFA270616 NGFB110116 NGFC071015 NGFC090616 NGFC240316 NGFC240516 NGFD090516 NGFD260116 NGFE040416 NGFE250416 NGFE300616 NGFF070316 NGFF110416 NGFF140316 NGFG180416 NGFJ290416 NGFA081015 NGFA210316 NGFA210616 NGFA240316 NGFA271015 NGFA301115 NGFA310316 NGFB020216 NGFB020316 NGFB030616 NGFB050516 NGFB080716 NGFB090516 NGFB120816 NGFB161115 NGFB270616 NGFB300616 NGFC151215 NGFC160516 NGFC300516 NGFD120216 NGFE020816 NGFE070316 NGFE190116 NGFF290216 NGFG040416 NGFG050116 NGFG140316 NGFG290416 NGFH110416 NGFH180716 NGFI180416 NGFI290416 NGFB180716 NGFB081215 NGFB171115 NGFB210316 NGFB240516 NGFC151015 NGFF190116 NGFF240316 NGFG090616 NGFI110416 NGFA021115 NGFA050516 NGFA090216 NGFA090516 NGFA160516 NGFA161115 NGFA300616 NGFC030616 NGFC110116 NGFD020816 NGFE180416 NGFF151215 NGFG151015 NGFH040416 NGFH090616 NGFJ240316 NGFJ290216 NGFA071215 NGFA190516 NGFB071015 NGFB200116 NGFB290216 NGFD271015 NGFF020216 NGFH180416 NGFH300516 NGFA101115 NGFB081015 NGFB091215 NGFB240316 NGFC200616 NGFD070316 NGFD090616 NGFD211015 NGFD231115 NGFD240516 NGFE030616 NGFE211215 NGFE270616 NGFF120116 NGFF210316 NGFF260116 NGFG120216 NGFH090216 NGFI220216 NGFJ180416 NGFM250416 NGFA300415 NGFB270815 NGFE140715 NGFJ050815 NGFH260116 NGFB120216 NGFC081015 NGFE111115 NGFE260116 NGFG200616 NGFK290216 NGFA190116 NGFB211015 NGFD090216 NGFE140316 NGFF200616 NGFG250416 NTFA160316 NTFA170316 NTFA290616 NTFH040216 NTFB170316 NTFD040216 NTFA020816 NTFA080616 NTFA210316 NTFB170816 NTFA170816 NTFA200716 NTFB100816 NTFB200716 NTFC040216 NTFC170316 NTFC170816
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    Worldwide Distribution -- US, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UAE, and UK.
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    NRG Transseptal Needle and NRG RF Transseptal Kit. || Model/Catalogue Numbers: NRG-56-32-C0, NRG-71-C0, NRG-71-C1, NRG-89-C0, NRG-89-C1, NRG-98-C0, NRG-98-C1, NRG-98-C1-T, NRG-E-56-32-C0, and NRG-E-HF-71-C0. || The NRG Transseptal Needle is packaged onto a thermoformed tray with two lids, which is individually packaged in a Tyvek/nylon pouch. || Used to create an atrial septal defect in the heart.
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    Baylis Medical Corp *, 5959 TransCanada Highway, Montreal Canada
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