Device Recall Maxi Move Patient Lift with Scale,

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Model KMBB4OSU2FUS, serial numbers SEE0627469, SEE0627470, SEE0627471, SEE0627472, SEE0627473, SEE0627474, SEE0627476, SEE0627477, SEE0627478, SEE0627480, SEE0627481, SEE0627482, SEE0627483, SEE0627484, SEE0627485, SEE0627486, SEE0627487, SEE0627488, SEE0627489, SEE0627490, SEE0627491, SEE0627492, SEE0627493, SEE0627494, SEE0627495, SEE0627496, SEE0627498, SEE0627499, SEE0627500, SEE0627501, SEE0627502, SEE0627503, SEE0627504, SEE0627505, SEE0627506, SEE0627507, SEE0627508, SEE0627509, SEE0627510, SEE0627511, SEE0627512, SEE0627513, SEE0627514, SEE0627515, SEE0627516, SEE0627517, SEE0627518, SEE0627519, SEE0627520, SEE0627521, SEE0627522, SEE0627523, SEE0627524, SEE0627526, SEE0627527, SEE0627528, SEE0627529, SEE0627530, SEE0627531, SEE0627532, SEE0627533, SEE0627534, SEE0627535, SEE0627536, SEE0627537, SEE0627538, SEE0627539, SEE0627540, SEE0627541,  SEE0627542, SEE0627543, SEE0627544, SEE0628342, SEE0628343, SEE0628344, SEE0628345, SEE0628346, SEE0628347, SEE0628348, SEE0628349, SEE0628350, SEE0628351, SEE0628352, SEE0628353, SEE0628354, SEE0628355, SEE0628356, SEE0628357, SEE0628358, SEE0628359, SEE0628360, SEE0628361, SEE0628362, SEE0628363, SEE0628364, SEE0628365, SEE0628366, SEE0628367, SEE0628368, SEE0628369, SEE0628370, SEE0628371, SEE0628372, SEE0628373, SEE0628374, SEE0628375, SEE0628376, SEE0628377, SEE0628378, SEE0628379, SEE0628381, SEE0628382, SEE0628383, SEE0628386, SEE0628388, SEE0628391, SEE0628399, SEE0628401, SEE0628402, SEE0628403, SEE0628404 (Manufactured week 24 of 2006 through week 28 of 2006.  You can check the model and serial number of your unit by looking at the serial number label on the mast of the lift, located underneath the removable battery. Serial numbers are all structured SEEYYWWXXX, where ¿ YY = the last two digits of the year,  ¿ WW = the two digits of the production week, and ¿ XXX = the sequential number the unit was in production that week ¿ Example: SEE06024001 = the first unit produced in week 24 of 2006.   If your equipment has one of the model numbers listed above and a serial number beginning with SEE0624 through SEE0628, it is affected by this notification, regardless of the last three digits of the serial number)
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    Maxi Move Patient Lift with Scale; Manufactured by Arjo Hospital Equipment AB, Eslov, Sweden; Model KMBB4OSU2FUS
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    Arjo, Inc., 50 Gary Ave Ste A, Roselle IL 60172-1684
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