Device Recall Various catheters marketed by Medcomp and AngioDynamics

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    Medcomp products:Catalog Code/ Lot Number/Expiration Date: DFXL148MTE/ MGMC610/10/31/2019; HFS 32/ MGMB440/ 07/14/2017;  HFS24E./MGLY830/07/31/2017; MC061402/MGMD190/07/15/2017;  MC3L-8S/MGMD920/10/16/2019; MR17035211/MGMD680/10/31/2017;  TRAY #593-3/MGMB460/07/15/2017; RMS23602/MBWM930/07/31/2017;  ASPC2816-3/MBWM900/07/31/2017; Tray #55216-3/MBWL780/07/31/2017; ASPC2816-3PC/MBWX290/07/31/2017; 10301207/MGMD930/07/31/2017; 10800701/ MGLY730/ 07/31/2017; 10800702/ MGMD210/ 07/31/2017; 10800703/MGLY740/07/31/2017   AngioDynamics products- model numbers/lot numbers/ expiration dates:  10301207/MGMD930/07/31/2017; 10800701/MGLY730/07/31/2017; 10800702/MGMD210/07/31/2017; 10800703/MGLY740/07/31/2017
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    Worldwide Distribution.
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    Medcomp Duo-Flow 400XL Catheter, Hemo-Flow Catheter, SLX Catheter, Triple Lumen Infusion Catheter, CT rated PICC, Split Cath III, PC Split Cath III; || AngioDynamics product- Dura-Flow Catheter, Schon XL Catheter; The affected product are insertion kits used to implant the devices packaged-long and short term hemodialysis catheters and infusion catheters.
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    Medical Components, Inc dba MedComp, 1499 Delp Dr, Harleysville PA 19438
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