Device Recall Pharmaseal Thoracentesis Tray

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    L1J035X, L1J088, L1K042, L1K058, L1K070, L1L057X, L1N018, L1N031, L1N039X, L1N094, L1P017, L1P045, L1S015, L2A012, L2A021, L2A048, L2A075, L2B039, L2B047 ,L2B073, L2C012, L2C038, L2C083, L2D041, L2D067, L2E036  The recall was expanded on 4/8/04 to include the following additional lots: L1J072, L2D102X, L2H001, L2H007, L2J004, L2J021, L2J088, L2K001, L2K021, L2L026, L2L037, L2N022, L2N085, L2P113, L2S123X, L2S128, L2S166, L2S185, L3A105, L3A218X, L3A224.
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  • Distribution
    Nationwide distribution, including Puerto Rico and Guam, and internationally to Saudi Arabia
  • Description du dispositif
    Pharmaseal Thoracentesis Tray with Catheter, catalog number 4341B; a sterile, single use, Rx, latex free procedure tray containing a 7'' long Thoracentesis Catheter with a 14 gauge x 2'' needle, catheter guard, 60 ml syringe, needles, 5 ml syringe, drainage tube with needle, fluid collection bag, three prelabeled specimen vials with caps, 2 swab sticks, three gauze pads, fenestrated drape with adhesive strips, towel, 5 ml -1% lidocaine hydrochloride, hospital wrap and bandage; Allegiance Healthcare Corporation, McGaw Park, IL 60085 USA
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  • Adresse du fabricant
    Cardinal Health, 1430 Waukegan Rd, ATTN: V. MUELLER QA, McGaw Park IL 60085
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