Device Recall PROcise XP Wand with Integrated Cable

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    Lot Numbers: 1092290, 1092291, 1092292
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    US Nationwide Distribution
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    PROcise XP Wand with Integrated Cable REF EICA8872-01 || Product Usage: || PLASMA WAND devices are indicated for ablation, resection, and coagulation of soft tissue and hemostasis of blood vessels in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) surgery including: adenoidectomy, cysts, head, neck, oral, and sinus surgery, mastoidectomy, myringotomy with effective hemorrhage control, nasal airway obstruction by reduction of hypertrophic nasal turbinates, nasopharyngeal/laryngeal indications including tracheal procedures, laryngeal polypectomy, and laryngeal lesion debulking, neck mass, papilloma keloids, submucosal palatal shrinkage, submucosal tissue shrinkage, tonsillectomy (including palatine tonsils), traditional uvulopalatoplasty (RAUP), tumors, and tissue in the uvula/soft palate for the treatment of snoring. It is intended for procedures using a conductive media, such as normal saline or Ringers lactate.
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    ArthroCare Medical Corporation, 7000 W William Cannon Dr, Austin TX 78735-8509
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