Arjo Maxi 500 Patient Lift with Manual 4Point DPS and Scale

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Model KM560181, serial numbers: KM5610035, KM5610036, KM5610037, KM5610038, KM5610039, KM5610040, KM5610041, KM5610042, KM5610043, KM5610044, KM5610045, KM5610046, KM5610047, KM5610048, KM5610049, KM5610050, KM5610051, KM5610052, KM5610053, KM5610054, KM5610055, KM5610056, KM5610057, KM5610058, KM5610059, KM5610060, KM5610061, KM5610062, KM5610063, KM5610064, KM5610065, KM5610066, KM5610096, KM5610097, KM5610098, KM5610099, KM5610100, KM5610101, KM5610102, KM5610103, KM5610104, KM5610105, KM5610106, KM5610107, KM5610108, KM5610109, KM5610110, KM5610111, KM5610112, KM5610113, KM5610116, KM5610117, KM5610118, KM5610119, KM5610120, KM5610121, KM5610122, KM5610123, KM5610124, KM5610125, KM5610126, KM5610127, KM5610128, KM5610129, KM5610130, KM5610131, KM5610132, KM5610133, KM5610152, KM5610153, KM5610154, KM5610155, KM5610156, KM5610157, KM5610158, KM5610159, KM5610160, KM5610161, KM5610162, KM5610163, KM5610164, KM5610165, KM5610166, KM5610167, KM5610168, KM5610169, KM5610170, KM5610171, KM5610173, KM5610176, KM5610177, KM5610178, KM5610179, KM5610180, KM5610181, KM5610182, KM5610187, KM5610235, KM5610236, KM5610237, KM5610238, KM5610239, KM5610240, KM5610241, KM5610242, KM5610243, KM5610244, KM5610245, KM5610246, KM5610247, KM5610249, KM5610250, KM5610251, KM5610253, KM5610254, KM5610257, KM5610260, KM5610261, KM5610262, KM5610263, KM5610264, KM5610265, KM5610266, KM5610267, KM5610268, KM5610269, KM5610270, KM5610271, KM5610272, KM5610273, KM5610274, KM5610275, KM5610276, KM5610278, KM5610280, KM5610281, KM5610282, KM5610284, KM5610285, KM5610286, KM5610288, KM5610289, KM5610290, KM5610291, KM5610292, KM5610293, KM5610294, KM5610295, KM5610296, KM5610297, KM5610298, KM5610299, KM5610300, KM5610301, KM5610302, KM5610303, KM5610304, KM5610305, KM5610306, KM5610307, KM5610308, KM5610309, KM5610310, KM5610311, KM5610312, KM5610313, KM5610314, KM5610315, KM5610316, KM5610317, KM5610318, KM5610319, KM5610320, KM5610321, KM5610322, KM5610323, KM5610324, KM5610325, KM5610326, KM5610327, KM5610328, KM5610329, KM5610330, KM5610331, KM5610332, KM5610333, KM5610334, KM5610335, KM5610336, KM5610337, KM5610338, KM5610339, KM5610340, KM5610341, KM5610342, KM5610343, KM5610406, KM5610407, KM5610408, KM5610409, KM5610410, KM5610411, KM5610412, KM5610413, KM5610414, KM5610415, KM5610416, KM5610417, KM5610418, KM5610419, KM5610420, KM5610421, KM5610422, KM5610423, KM5610424, KM5610425, KM5610426, KM5610427, KM5610428, KM5610429, KM5610430, KM5610431, KM5610432, KM5610433, KM5610434, KM5610435, KM5610436, KM5610437, KM5610438, KM5610439, KM5610440, KM5610441, KM5610596, KM5610700, KM5610701, KM5610702, KM5610703, KM5610704, KM5610722, KM5610723, KM5610724, KM5610725, KM5610726, KM5610735, KM5610736, KM5610748, KM5610749, KM5610750, KM5610751, KM5610752, KM5610753, KM5610754, KM5610755, KM5610756, KM5610757, KM5610758, KM5610784, KM5610785, KM5610786, KM5610787, KM5610788, KM5610805, KM5610806, KM5610808, KM5610814, KM5610815, KM5610816, KM5610817, KM5610818, KM5610824, KM5610825, KM5610826, KM5610827, KM5610828, KM5610830, KM5610831, KM5610832, KM5610833, KM5610839, KM5610840, KM5610841, KM5610842, KM5610843, KM5610849, KM5610850, KM5610851, KM5610852, KM5610853, KM5610854, KM5610855, KM5610856, KM5610857, KM5610858, KM5610878, KM5610879, KM5610880, KM5610881, KM5610888, KM5610889, KM5610890, KM5610891, KM5610892, KM5610913, KM5610914, KM5610915, KM5610916, KM5610950, KM5610951, KM5610952, KM5610953, KM5610954, KM5610978, KM5610980, KM5610981, KM5610982, KM5610983, KM5610984, KM5610985, KM5610986, KM5610987, KM5610988, KM5610989, KM5610990, KM5610991, KM5610992, KM5610998, KM5610999, KM5611001, KM5611002, KM5611093, KM5611096, KM5611097, KM5611098, KM5611099, KM5611101, KM5611121, KM5611123, KM5611124, KM5611125, KM5611137, KM5611138, KM5611139, KM5611187, KM5611188, KM5611190, KM5611233, KM5611235, KM5611237, KM5611293, KM5611294, KM5611295, KM5611296, KM5611307, KM5611324, KM5611327, KM5611329, KM5611330, KM5611331, KM5611395, KM5611396, KM5611402, KM56510015, KM56510016, KM56510017, KM56510018, KM56510019, KM56510020, KM56510021, KM56510022, KM56510023 and KM56510024; Scale model 700.19251, serial numbers: SO#5178400, SO#5143612, SO#5204405, SO#5186264, SO#5137047, SO#5150226, SO#5156912, SO#5162379, SO#5165403 and SO#5142409.
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    Nationwide Distribution.
  • Description du dispositif
    Arjo Maxi 500 Patient Lift with Manual 4-Point DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) and Scale. A Non-AC-Powered Patient Lift. BHM Medical Inc., Magog, QC, Canada. Model KM560181 and Model KM560081 - Maxi 500 with 4-Point Spreader Bar, if it was equipped with the optional scale kit 700.19251.
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  • Adresse du fabricant
    Arjo, Inc., 50 Gary Ave, Roselle IL 60172-1605
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