Device Recall MultiLumen PI CVC Kit and PSI Kit

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    Multi-Lumen PI CVC Kit: 3-L 7 FR X 8 product code: ASK-45703-POSU lot #23F13L0166, exp. 31-Jul-2015  PSI Kit: 8.5 FR X 4-1/8 (10 CM), product code ASK-09803-OSU2 , lot #23F14C1014, exp. 31-Aug-2015:
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    In the state of KY
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    Multi-Lumen PI CVC Kit and PSI Kit: 3-L 7 FR X 8 product code: ASK-45703-POSU lot #23F13L0166, exp. 31-Jul-2015: || Product Usage: || Multi-Lumen PI CVC Kit: An intravascular catheter is a device that consists of a slender tube and any necessary connecting fittings and that is inserted into the patients vascular system for short term use (less than 30 days) to sample blood, monitor blood pressure, or administer fluids intravenously. The device may be constructed of metal, rubber, plastic, or a combination of these materials. PSI Kit: A catheter introducer is a sheath used to facilitate placing a catheter through the skin into a vein or artery.
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    Arrow International Inc, 2400 Bernville Road, Reading PA 19605
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