Device Recall Stanley BedCheck 30Day IT Bed Sensormat, With 5.5 Ft. Cord, Model 74000

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    Lot numbers A1109, B1109, C1109, D1109, E1109, F1109, F1109, G1109, A0809, B0809, C0809, D0809, E0809, F0809, G0809, A0709, B0709, C0709, D0709, E0709, F0709, G0709, A0509, B0509, C0509, D0509, E0509, F0509, G0509, A0209, B0209, C0209, D0209, E0209, F0209, G0209, O1208, P1208, Q1208, R1208, S1208, T1208, U1208, H1108, I1108, J1108, K1108, L1108, M1108, N1108, O1108, A0908, B0908, C0908, D0908, E0908, F0908, G0908, H0908, I0908, J0908, K0908, L0908, and M0908.
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    Worldwide distribution: USA and the country of Canada.
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    Stanley Bed-Check 30-Day IT Bed Sensormat, With 5.5 Ft. Cord, Model 74000, 10 mats per inner box, 5 inner boxes per overpack box (total 50 units). The firm name on the box is Stanley, 1-800-523-7956. The mat contains only the phone number. || For use in reducing patient falls.
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    Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., 1550 N 20th Cir, Lincoln NE 68503-1101
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