Device Recall Vaxcel PICC with PASV MST30 Kit

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    Batch/Lots: 1) 4724924, 4724925 & 4730412 with Use By 2016-03-31.  Batch/Lots: 2) 4724929, 4724923, 4725426, 4730400 & 4753766 with Use By Range 2016-03-31 to 2016-07-31.  Batch/Lots: 3) 4724927 Use By 2016-03-31.
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    Worldwide Distribution US (Nationwide) Internationally to AU, GR, SE, SA, IN, CA, GB, BR, BE, NL, ES, KR, HK, AE, IT and ES.
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    Vaxcel PICC with PASV MST-30 Kit under the following labels: 1) 4F, UPN M001454570, Rx ONLY, 2) 5F, UPN M001454620 & UPN M001454720, Rx ONLY & 3) 6F, UPN M001454770, Rx ONLY. || The Vaxcel PICC with PASV is indicated for use in establishing peripheral access to the central venous system for administration of fluids including, but not limited to, hydration agents, antibiotics, chemotherapy, analgesics, nutritional therapy, and blood products. It is also indicated for blood specimen withdrawal. This product is intended for central venous access in adults, children and infants who require intravenous (IV) therapy.
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    Navilyst Medical, Inc., an AngioDyamics Company, 10 Glens Falls Tech Park, Glens Falls NY 12801-3864
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