Device Recall Vortex MPP5SDT Port

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    Catalog number: MP-P5SDT, Batch number: 513796 and 517058
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    Worldwide Distribution: (USA) Nationwide distribution and the countries of Austria, China, Denmark, Egypt, France Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
  • Description du dispositif
    Vortex MP Port Single Titanium Port with Attachable (5Fr) Silicone Catheter, || AngioDynamics, Inc., || One Horizon Way, || Manchester, GA 30816 || Indicated for central venous placement (either peripheral or chest placement) when patient therapy requires repeated venous access for injection or infusion therapy and/or venous blood sampling.
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    Angiodynamics, INC, 1 Horizon Way, Manchester GA 31816-1749
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