Device Recall Xcela Hybrid PICC with PASV Valve Technology, Intermediate MST45 Kit

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    Batch/Lots: 4719661, 4746382, 4752893, 4790027, 4815993, 4830605, 4735062, 4759816, 4775599, 4785918, 4812167 & 4819162. Use By Date Range 2016-03-31 to 2016-10-31
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    Worldwide Distribution US (Nationwide) Internationally to AU, GR, SE, SA, IN, CA, GB, BR, BE, NL, ES, KR, HK, AE, IT and ES.
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    Xcela Hybrid PICC with PASV Valve Technology, Intermediate MST-45 Kit, 6F-55cm, UPN H965952440 & UPN H965952450, Rx ONLY || The Xcela PICC with PASV, Xcela Hybrid PICC with PASV, BioFlo PICC with PASV and BioFlo Hybrid PICC with PASV are indicated for short or long-term peripheral access to the central venous system for intravenous therapy, including but not limited to, the administration of fluids, medications and nutrients; the sampling of blood; and for power injection of contrast media. Non-valve lumens are indicated for central venous pressure monitoring
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    Navilyst Medical, Inc., an AngioDyamics Company, 10 Glens Falls Tech Park, Glens Falls NY 12801-3864
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