NORMOFLO H1100 Irrigation Fluid Warmers

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    Distribution in the foreign country of Sweden
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    NORMFlow H-110 Irrigation Fluid Warmer, Continental Europe, Model H-1100, Reorder H-1100-INT-230. || Product Usage: || NORMOFLO¿ H-1100 Irrigation Fluid Warmers has been designed for safe, in-line warming of irrigating fluids as they are administered to patients. The Fluid Warmer utilizes a solution reservoir housed in a controller unit (warmer). The recirculation solution is heated to present temperature in the reservoir, pumped though a heat exchanger ( a component of the Sets) and is returned to the reservoir for continuous recirculation. The NORMOFLO Warming products are typically used in clinical situations that may require rapid irrigation with warmed fluids.
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    Smiths Medical ASD, Inc., 1265 Grey Fox Rd, Saint Paul MN 55112-6929
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