Device Recall Alcon 23G NonValved Trocar Cannula and Infusion Cannula

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    1) 23G TotalPLUS Pak: Accurus Standalone - 8065750828, 2) 23G Combined Pack 0.9mm: Accurus Standalone - 8065750814, 3) 23G Combined Pack 1.1mm: Accurus Standalone - 8065750816, 4)23G TotalPLUS Pak: Constellation Standalone - 8065751058, 5) 23G Combined Pack 0.9mm: Constellation Standalone -8065751077, 6) 23G Combined Pack 1.1mm: Constellation Standalone - 8065751065. 7) 23G Small Parts Kit - 8065750842. Complete list of lot numbers will be provided with recall recommendation.
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Greece, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait, United Arabian Emirates, and Austria.
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    This voluntary medical device correction is related to Alcon products that present a 23G nonvalved trocar cannula and infusion cannula together. These items are available as components within Accurus 23G TotalPLUS Pak, Accurus 23G Combined Procedure Packs (0.9mm and 1.1mm), Constellation 23G Total PLUS Pak, Constellation 23G Combined Pack (0.9 mm and 1.1 mm) and 23G Small Parts Kit. || Single use 23G non-valved trocar cannulas are used to provide internal access to the ocular cavity during ophthalmic surgery. Single use infusion cannulas are used for the infusion of fluid or air during ophthalmic surgery to maintain intraocular pressure during posterior segment surgeries.
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    Alcon Research, LTD., 9965 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX 77054-1309
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