• Modèle / numéro de série
    Lot Numbers: 06DHU0001G, 08AHU0002H, 08AHU0002J, 08AHU0003F, 08EM20830A, 08EM21910A, 08FM01279A, 08FM03803A, 08GM02010A, 08HM00329A, 08HM00329B, 08HM03878A, 08HM08067A, 08KM00141A, 08KM21721A, 08KNG0009B, 08KNG0010B, 08LNG0007A, 08LNG0007B, 08LNG0007C, 08MM15654A, 08MNG0009A, 08MNG0009B, 08MNG0010, 08MNG0010A, 08MNG0011, 08MNG0011A, 09ANG0009, 09ANG0009A, 09ANG0013, 09ANG0013A, 09ANG0013B, 09ANG0014, 09ANG0017, 09ANG0018, 09ANG0018A, 09CM05224, 09CM06262, 09CM07601, 09CM07601A, 09CM08322, 09CM09267, 09CM10095, 09CNG0009A, 09CNG0009B, 09CNG0011, 09CNG0011A, 09CNG0011B, 09CNG0012, 09DNG0001, 09DNG0002A, 09DNG0002B, 09DNG0008, 09DNG0016A, 09DNG0017, 09DNG0018B, 09DNG0018C, 09DNG0019A, 09DNG0021, 09DNG0021B, 09DNG0023D, 09DNG0023E, 09DNG0023F, 09DNG0024, 09DNG0024A, 09DNG0024B, 09FM15589, 09FM15591, 09FM20533, 09FM20534, 09FM20535, 09FNG0006, 09FNG0006A, 09FNG0007, 09FNG0007A, 09FNG0007B, 09FNG0008, 09FNG0008A, 09FNG0008B, 09FNG0008C, 09FNG0011, 09FNG0011A, 09FNG0011B, 09FNG0015, 09FNG0015A, 09FNG0016, 09FNG0016A, 09FNG0017, 09FNG0017A, 09FNG0017B, 09FNG0018, 09FNG0018A, 09FNG0019, 09FNG0019A, 09GNG0014, 09GNG0014A, 09GNG0019, 09GNG0019A, 09GNG0020, 09GNG0020A, 09GNG0021, 09GNG0021A, 09JNG0001, 09JNG0001A, 09JNG0009, 09JNG0009A, 09JNG0011, 09JNG0011A, 09JNG0012, 09JNG0012A, 09JNG0013, 09JNG0013A, 09KM00535, 09KM03546, 09KM04458, 09KM04459, 09KM07958, 09KM07960, 09KM07963, 09MM00182, 09MM00185, 09MM00189, 09MM00196, 09MM08523, 09MM08526, 09MM08527, 09MM08530, 09MM09620, 09MM09622, 09MM09677, 10CM09863, 10CM11010, 10CM11014, 10CM11016, 10CM11017, 10CM11019, 10CM16244, 10CM16246, 10CM16248, 10CM16250, 10HNG0003, 10HNG0006, 10JNG0001, 10JNG0001A, 10JNG0002, 10JNG0002A, 10JNG0003, 10JNG0003A, 10JNG0004, 10JNG0004A, 10KM16333, 10KM16338, 10KM16343, 10KM16349, 10KM16352, 10KM16354, 10KNG0001, 10KNG0001A, 10KNG0002, 10KNG0002A, 10KNG0003, 10KNG0003A, 10KNG0005, 10KNG0005A, 10KNG0005B, 10KNG0006, 10KNG0006A, 10KNG0006B, 10KNG0009, 10KNG0009A, 10LM03223, 10LM03225, 10LM14475, 10LM14479, 10LM14480, 10LNG0014, 10LNG0014A, 10LNG0015, 10LNG0015A, 10LNG0016, 10LNG0016B, 10LNG0017, 10LNG0017A, 10MNG0003, 10MNG0003A, 10MNG0004, 10MNG0004A, 11ANG0001, 11ANG0001A, 11ANG0002, 11ANG0002A, 11ANG0003, 11ANG0003A, 11ANG0003B, 11ANG0009, 11ANG0009A, 11ANG0009B, 11BNG0001, 11BNG0001A, 11BNG0001B, 11BNG0002, 11BNG0002A, 11BNG0002B, 11CNG0001, 11CNG0001A, 11CNG0002, 11CNG0002A, 11CNG0003, 11CNG0003A, 11CNG0004, 11CNG0004A, 11DNG0004, 11DNG0004A, 11DNG0005, 11DNG0005A, 11DNG0006, 11DNG0006A, 11FM08241, 11FM08248, 11FM08249, 11FM08251, 11FM08253, 11FM11401, 11FM11402, 11FM11404, 11FM11405, 11FM11406, 11FM11408, 11FM14237, 11FM14238, 11FM14239, 11FM14240, 11FM14241, 11JM08775, 11JM08776, 11JM08777, 11JM08778, 11JM08779, 11JM08780, 11JM08784, 11JM14603, 11JM14605, 11JM14606, 11JM14607, 11JM16544, 11JM16549, 11JM16551, 11JM16561, 11KM04267, 11KM04269, 11KM04271, 11LM05280, 11LM05284, 11LM05286, 11LM05290, 11LM05295, 11LM05300, 11LM05359, 11LM06178, 11LM06184, 11LM06185, 11LM06194, 11LM09277, 11LM09278, 11LM09280, 11MM05190, 11MM05191, 11MM05193, 11MM05198, 11MM06015, 11MM06782, 11MM06809, 11MM08155, 11MM08157, 11MM08158, 11MNG0001, 11MNG0013, 11MNG0028, 11MNG0032, 12AM05781, 12AM05782, 12AM05783, 12AM05785, 12AM07665, 12AM07667, 12AM07668, 12AM07670, 12AM07671, 12AM07672, 12AM10996, 12AM12030, 12AM13198, 12AM13199, 12AM13200, 12ANG0008, 12BNG0007, 12BNG0007A, 12BNG0008, 12BNG0008A, 4500047794, 4500050285, 477751-32A, 477751BJ, 477808-11A, 477808-2A, 477808-4B, 477808-51B, 477808-53A, 477808-7A, 477808E, 477808J, 480313-15A, 480313-50A, 480313-7A
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  • Distribution
    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, China, The Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Italy, UK, Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Chile, South Korea, India, and Turkey
  • Description du dispositif
    2.7 MM DRILL BIT, REF 71173503, QTY: (1), STERILE R, Smith & Nephew, Inc., Memphis, TN 38116 || Orthopedic surgical device.
  • Manufacturer
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  • Adresse du fabricant
    Smith & Nephew Inc, 1450 E. Brooks Rd, Memphis TN 38116
  • Société-mère du fabricant (2017)
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