Device Recall NaturalKnee II Durasul AllPoly Patella, Size 1, 10mm

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    6301-10-105; all lots
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, and the UK
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    Natural-Knee II Durasul All-Poly Patella, Size 1, 10mm || The Zimmer Natural-Knee II Durasul Patella product is a semi-constrained total knee prosthesis consisting of four anatomically designed components: the femoral, tibial, articular surface, and patellar prosthesis. The all-polyethylene patella is made from Durasul Highly Crosslinked Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The N-K II Durasul polyethylene patella components are indicated for patient conditions of non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease (NIDJD), e.g., avascular necrosis, osteoarthritis, and inflammatory degenerative joint disease (IJD), e.g., rheumatoid arthritis; correctable valgus-varus deformity and moderate flexion contracture; those patients with failed previous surgery where pain, deformity, or dysfunction persists; and revision of previously failed knee arthroplasty.
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    Zimmer Inc., 345 E Main St, Warsaw IN 46580-2746
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