Device Recall Rotating Cutter

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Catalog Number 89-0452 (8mm Rotating Cutter) - Production Identification (Lot) Numbers 33056-ND25 and 33056-NE19; Catalog Number 89-0454 (10mm Rotating Cutter) - Production Identification (Lot) Numbers 33056-ND26 and 33056-NF02; Catalog Number 89-0030 (FORZA Discectomy Case);   UPDATED INFORMATION AS OF 04/12/2012: The firm has revised to amend the affected lot information; lot number 34346-NH30 (PN 89-0545) has been added. At the time of recall initiation 3 units from lot 34346-NH30 were in distribution; all 3 units have since been returned to Orthofix. Recall notice stated all lots are to be returned so all other information remains unchanged.
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  • Distribution
    Nationwide and Puerto Rico
  • Description du dispositif
    Orthofix rotating cutter used in spinal fusion procedures with the FORZA Spacer System. Catalog Number 89-0452 (8mm Rotating Cutter), 89-0454 (10mm Rotating Cutter), and 89-0030 (FORZA Discectomy Case). Manual surgical instrument comprised of stainless steel and titanium.
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    Orthofix, Inc., 3451 Plano Pkwy, Lewisville TX 75056-9453
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