Device Recall TDX SP Power Wheelchair

  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Model# TDXDP-CG, Serial# 11HE001056; Model# TDXP-CG, Serial# 11GE004364, 11HE000039; Model# TDXSP-CG, Serial# 11GE001580, 11GE001593, 11GE001874, 11GE001886, 11GE001919, 11GE001919, 11GE001920, 11GE002363, 11GE002455, 11GE002456, 11GE002464, 11GE002622, 11GE002625, 11GE002635, 11GE002839, 11GE002850, 11GE003048, 11GE003075, 11GE003249, 11GE003258, 11GE003500, 11GE003503, 11GE003687, 11GE003690, 11GE003931, 11GE003934, 11GE004230, 11GE004354, 11GE004355, 11GE004356, 11GE004359, 11GE004361, 11GE004490, 11GE004638, 11GE004642, 11HE000047, 11HE000333, 11HE000335, 11HE000343, 11HE000344, 11HE000508, 11HE000748, 11HE000749, 11HE000752, 11HE000755, 11HE000848, 11HE001057, 11HE001243, 11HE001244, 11HE001246, 11HE001311, 11HE001515, 11HE001645, 11HE001647, 11HE001653, 11HE001659, 11HE001838, 11HE001843, 11HE00756; Model# TDXSP-CG-GT, Serial# 11GE001891, 11GE002134, 11GE002849, 11GE003064, 11GE003504; Model# TDXSP-CT-GT, Serial# 11GE002849; Model# TDXSP-MCG, Serial# 11GE000322, 11GE001567, 11GE001894, 11GE002136, 11GE002137, 11GE002372, 11GE002376, 11GE002377, 11GE002378, 11GE002382, 11GE002383, 11GE002385, 11GE002657, 11GE002852, 11GE003065, 11GE003067, 11GE003070, 11GE003073, 11GE003252, 11GE003261, 11GE003263, 11GE003266, 11GE003711, 11GE003712, 11GE003938, 11GE004134, 11GE004135, 11GE004368, 11HE000055, 11HE000102, 11HE000348, 11HE000511, 11HE000761, 11HE001250, 11HE001450, 11HE002071 & 11HE002523.
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    Worldwide distribution: USA (nationwide) including states of: AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NY, OH, RI, SD, TX, VA, WA, and WI; and countries of: Australia, Canada and New Zeland.
  • Description du dispositif
    TDX SP Power Wheelchair, Model #'s: TDXSP-CG, TDXSP-CG-GT, TDXSP-MCG, TDXSP-MCG-GT, Distributed By: || Invacare Corporation, Elyria, OH 44035 || The Invacare TDX power wheelchair is a battery powered, motor driven device with the intended function and use of providing mobility to those persons limited to a sitting position that have the capability of operating a power wheelchair. It is a rigid or non-folding type power wheelchair, with mid wheel drive capability.
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    Invacare Corporation, 1 Invacare Way, Elyria OH 44035-4190
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