Bard BrachySource Seed Implants

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    Product Code:1251CSR, BrachySource¿ Seed Implants in Re-Usable Mick¿ Applicators (60 seeds at 0.28mCi) with Lot BBCP0079  Product Code: 1251CSRA, BrachySource¿ Seed Implants in Shielded Mick¿ Applicators (10 seeds at 0.28mCi) with Lot BBCQ0026  Product Code: PS1251LS, Loose BrachySource¿ Seed Implants (with Lot BBCQ0050) Spacers (with Lot 23498276) 100 Seeds at 0.36 mCi.
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    US Distribution to the states of : California and Georgia
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    BARD¿ BrachySource¿ Iodine125 radioactive seeds consist of a welded titanium capsule containing the I125 absorbed onto a nickel / copper-coated, gold-cored aluminum wire (reference Figure 1 below). The I125 has a half-life of 59.6 days and decays by electron capture with the emission of characteristic photons and Auger electrons. The principal photon emissions are 27.4 and 31 keV x-rays and 35.5 keV gamma. The titanium wall of the BrachySource¿ Seed Implants absorbs the electrons.
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    Bard Brachytherapy, Inc., 295 E Lies Rd, Carol Stream IL 60188-9421
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