Rappel de Device Recall Ysio Max, Luminos dRF Max and Agile Max systems with software version VE10 and SmartOrtho license

Selon U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ce/cet/cette rappel concerne un dispositif en/au/aux/à United States qui a été fabriqué par Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Une correction ou un retrait opéré par un fabricant afin de répondre à un problème causé par un dispositif médical. Les rappels surviennent lorsqu'un dispositif médical est défectueux, lorsqu'il pourrait poser un risque pour la santé, ou les deux à la fois.

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    Class 2
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Notes supplémentaires dans les données
    System, x-ray, stationary - Product Code KPR
  • Cause
    Potential for composed images to be flipped before being sent to pacs on systems with software version ve10 and smartortho license. flipped images may be reversed so the associated annotations, e.G. labels (r/l), may be displayed incorrectly, potentially leading to misdiagnosis.
  • Action
    The firm, Siemens, sent a "Safety Advisory Notice - XP080/14/S" letter dated December 8, 2014, to end users that identified the product, problem, and actions to be taken. Siemens provided instructions to avoid the issue and indicated a software fix would be released as a permanent resolution. The customers were instructed observe this safety notice and comply with the corresponding measure until the update has been fully completed. If you have any questions, contact the Regulatory Technical Specialist at 610-219-2119.


  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Material 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470 10762470  serial numbers24077 24051 24038 24059 24066 24015 24026 24058 24039 24090 24075
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  • Distribution
    US Distribution to states of: ID, IL, MI, MN, MO, ND and PA.
  • Description du dispositif
    Ysio Max, Luminos dRF Max and Agile Max systems with software version VE10 and SmartOrtho license. || The Ysio Max is a radiographic system used in hospitals, clinics, and medical practices. Ysio Max enables radiographic and tomographic exposures of the whole body including: skull, chest, abdomen, and extremities and may be used on pediatric, adult and bariatric patients. It can also be used for intravenous, small interventions (like biopsy, punctures, etc.) and emergency (trauma, critical ill) applications. Exposures may be taken with the patient sitting, standing, or in the prone position. The Ysio Max system is not meant for mammography. The Ysio Max uses integrated or portable digital detectors for generating diagnostic images by converting x-rays into electronic signals. Ysio Max is also designed to be used with conventional film/screen or Computed Radiography (CR) cassettes.
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    Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc, 51 Valley Stream Pkwy, Malvern PA 19355-1406
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