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    KCFN-4.0-18-13-RA-HC G35597 KCFN-4.0-18-23-RA-HC G35598 KCFN-4.0-18-7-RA-HC G35596 KCFN-5.0-18-13-RA-HC G35600 KCFN-5.0-18-13-RA-S-HC G35607 KCFN-5.0-18-23-RA-HC G35601 KCFN-5.0-18-7-RA-HC G35599 KCFN-6.0-18-13-RA-HC G35603 KCFN-6.0-18-13-RA-S-HC G35608 KCFN-6.0-18-23-RA-HC G35604 KCFN-6.0-18-23-RA-S-HC G35609 KCFN-6.0-18-7-RA-HC G35602 KCFN-7.0-18-13-RA-HC G35605 KCFN-7.0-18-23-RA-HC G35606 Komplet TriForce™ za periferni prehod KCXS-5.0-35-100-RB-0/0-HC G56416 KCXS-5.0-35-65-RB-0/0-HC G56412 KCXS-5.0-35-65-RB-0/DAV-HC G56413 KCXS-5.0-35-65-RB-MPB/DAV-HC G56415 Pripomoček za uvajanje Check- Flo ® Hausdorf-Lock atrijski RCFW-7.0-38-75-RB-HLA-091100- BV G03769 RCFW-8.0-38-75-RB-HLA-091100- BV G03770
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    Vascular system access to Vital-Port Titanium Power for injection Single-chamber systems IP-7110 IP-S7010 IP-S7110 IP-S9010 IP-S9110 G20254 G26434 G26436 G26438 G26440 All series Vascular system access to Vital-Port Standard, Petite and Mini Titanium and MRI Single-chamber systems IP-5112-N IP-5112-NC Vascular system access to Vital-Port Standard and Petite Titanium Two-chamber systems IP-S1021 IP-S1121 IP-S7029 IP-S7129 IP-S7129-MPIS-NT G26428 G26429 G26502 G26504 G50863 All series IP-5116 IP-5116-N IP-5118-N IP-5118-NC IP-6018 IP-6113 IP-7112 IP-9112 IP-S5016 IP-S5018 IP-S5116 IP-S5116-MPIS-NT IP-S5116-N IP-S5116W IP-S5116W-MPIS-NT IP-S5118 IP-S5118-N IP-S6010 IP-S6012 IP-S6013 IP-S6018 IP-S6110 IP-S6112 IP-S6113 IP-S6113-MPIS-NT IP-S6118 G46543 G26539 G26468 G46544 G46545 G26540 G26510 G26424 G19803 G19769 G26469 G26507 G26470 G50864 G46546 G26472 G26489 G26509 G46547 G26430 G26458 G26431 G26511 G26432 G26449 G26433 G50860 G26513 All series  page 2 of 3    Form: F14-00A (R10, CR16-0422) © AUTHOR DOCUMENT IP-S6118-MPIS-NT IP-S7012 IP-S7112 IP-S9012 IP-S9112 G50861 G26435 G26437 G26439 G26441
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    Note published by the authorities from the Netherlands: This message is a warning from the manufacturer. After placing a medical device on the market, the manufacturer is obliged to follow the device and, where necessary, to improve it. When there is a risk for the user, the manufacturer must take action. The manufacturer informs users and the inspection of this action with a warning (Field Safety Notice). See also medical device warnings. This is part of the supervision of medical technology.
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