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    Orthopaedic bone cement restrictor instrumentation. DePuy SmartSeal™ pressurisers- femoral and acetabular pressurisers (5 pack) manufactured by DePuy CMW. DePuy SmartSeal™ pressuriser: femoral and acetabular pressurisers (5 pack)  for use with orthopaedic bone cement. Part numbers 3206045 – 45mm acetabular pressuriser 3206052 – 52mm acetabular pressuriser 3206055 – 55mm acetabular pressuriser 3206060 – 60mm acetabular pressuriser 3206065 – 65mm acetabular pressuriser 3206002 – wedge femoral pressuriser 3206005 – standard femoral pressuriser Lot numbers - all lot numbers are affected by this recall. Any DePuy SmartSeal pressurisers that have a black tick on the bottom right hand corner of the pouch and on the carton have already been re-inspected by DePuy CMW and the manufacturer has verified that the seals are fully intact. These products are now excluded from the recall.

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