Device Recall Iamin Moist Dressing and the Iamin Hydrating Gel

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    Item No. Description GCICK Iamin After-Care Kit GC044-1 Iamin Moist Dressing (1) GCIMD Iamin Moist Dressing Kit (7) GCIHG Iamin Hydrating Gel Kit M40329 Iamin Hydrating Gel 15g 20920. Insert, Iamin Care 6 x 4 20939. Iamin Kit Box (GCICK/GCICK) P-GCI624A Iamin Patient Brochure (25) PK PNI-624A Iamin Detail Brochure (25) PK
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  • Distribution
    Nationwide and Internationally, including Canada.
  • Description du dispositif
    Iamin Moist Dressing and the Iamin Hydrating Gel: intended to cover a wound or burn on the skin, provide a moist wound environment and protect against abrasion, friction, desiccation and contamination.
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    PhotoMedex, Inc., 100 Lakeside Dr, Horsham PA 19044-2316
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