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    Symbionic Item Numbers:   SBL12002 SBL12006 SBL12012 SBL12016 SBL12102 SBL12112 SBL12202 SBL12212 SBL12902 SBL12903 SBL12912 SBL12913  Serial #s affected: 321245, 322095, 322276, 322894; 710119-710322
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    US Nationwide distribution.
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    The SYMBIONIC LEG is an integrated prosthetic leg for transfemoral and knee disarticulation amputees. || Product Usage: SYMBIONIC LEG is intended for continuous use by amputees of low to moderate impact levels that weigh less than 125 kg for foot categories 25 30 and less than 100kg for foot categories 22, 23 and 24. The system is not intended for athletic use.
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    Ossur Americas, Inc., 19762 Pauling, Foothill Ranch CA 92610-2611
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