Rappel de Device Recall ClearSight 1Day Toric

Selon U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ce/cet/cette rappel concerne un dispositif en/au/aux/à United States qui a été fabriqué par CooperVision Inc..

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Une correction ou un retrait opéré par un fabricant afin de répondre à un problème causé par un dispositif médical. Les rappels surviennent lorsqu'un dispositif médical est défectueux, lorsqu'il pourrait poser un risque pour la santé, ou les deux à la fois.

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    Class 3
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Notes supplémentaires dans les données
    Disposable Contact Lens - Product Code MVN
  • Cause
    Thirty-eight lots of ocufilcon d 55% 1-day toric contact lens with a modified packaging solution sold under the brand name clearsight 1-day toric were inadvertently shipped into the us market prior to complete evaluation of the 510(k) by the fda.
  • Action
    Urgent: Medical Device Recall - Contact Lens letters, dated 8/28/09, Response Forms, along with reorder forms and postage paid return labels were sent to the consignees via first class mail with instructions for returning the affected product. Customers are to examine their inventory and customer records to determine if they have any of the affected product. The affected products are to be returned and CooperVision will reimburse for all postage associated with the return and replace the lenses free of charge. Questions should be directed to Bonnie Tsymbal at (800) 341-2020 ext. 3210.


  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Lot numbers: 446450034703 (Power -0075075090), 446850021203 (Power -0075125090), 446450034904 (Power -0100075090), 446450031005 (Power  -0125075090), 446450030905 (Power -0125075090), 46450031105 (Power -0125075090), 446850024806 (Power -0150125090), 447050023406 (Power  -0150125180), 447050022408 (Power -0200125180), 446450031509 (Power -0225075090), 447050024509 (Power -0225125180), 446650019310 (Power  -0250075180), 446650020510 (Power -0250075180), 447050022510 (Power -0250125180), 446650019411(Power -0275075180), 446650020611(Power -0275075180), 446650019512 (Power -0300075180), 447050022812(Power -0300125180), 447050022912 (Power -0300125180), 447050022712 (Power -0300125180), 446650019914 (Power -0350075180), 446650021314 (Power -0375075180), 446650019616 (Power -0400075180), 446650020816 (Power -0400075180), 447050023016 (Power -0400125180), 446650020017(Power -0425075180), 447050023117 (Power -0425125180), 447050023218(Power -0450125180), 447050024118 (Power -0450125180), 447050024718 (Power -0450125180), 446650020119 (Power -0475075180), 447050023319(Power -0475125180), 447050024219 (Power -0475125180), 447050021022(Power -0550125180), 447050021122 (Power -0550125180), 447050023522(Power -0550125180), 447050023624 (Power -0600125180), and 446650016926(Power -0650075180).
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    Nationwide Distribution
  • Description du dispositif
    ClearSight(TM) 1-Day (ocufilcon D) Toric 30 daily disposable contact lenses for astigmatism --- Name and Address on Label: CooperVision Hamble, SO31 4RF, UK, and Scottsville, NY 14546 USA --- Each lens is supplied sterile in a blister containing buffered saline solution. The blister is labeled with the base curve, diameter, dioptric power, manufacturing lot number, and expiration date of the lens. ClearSight contact lenses are made from a material containing 55% water and 45% ocufilcon D, a random copolymer of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate and methacrylic acid. The lenses have a tint (VAT Blue 6) which is added to make the lens more visible for handling. || When placed on the cornea in its hydrated state, the ClearSight" (ocufilcon D) Soft (Hydrophilic) Contact Lens acts as a refracting medium to focus light rays on the retina.
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    CooperVision Inc., 180 Thruway Park Dr, W Henrietta NY 14586-9798
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