Selon U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ce/cet/cette rappel concerne un dispositif en/au/aux/à United States qui a été fabriqué par Zimmer Inc..

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Une correction ou un retrait opéré par un fabricant afin de répondre à un problème causé par un dispositif médical. Les rappels surviennent lorsqu'un dispositif médical est défectueux, lorsqu'il pourrait poser un risque pour la santé, ou les deux à la fois.

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    Class 2
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    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
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  • Notes supplémentaires dans les données
    Prosthesis, shoulder, non-constrained, metal/polymer cemented - Product Code KWT
  • Cause
    The results of an investigation into complaints revealed that trabecular metal humeral and/or zimmer¿ trabecular metal reverse humeral implants engaging in the canal earlier than expected could lead to incomplete seating of the implant, delay in surgery, humeral fracture, or the need for cement in a press-fit application.
  • Action
    Zimmer, Inc. sent an URGENT DEVICE CORRECTION letter dated September 10, 2010 to surgeons, risk managers, and distributors. The letter identified the product, the problem, and the action to be taken. Sales Representatives were instructed to: a. provide the Dear Surgeon (Urgent Device Correction) letter and revised surgical technique directly to surgeons and risk managers at facilities using the device or b. provide a list of facilities and surgeons using the TM Humeral and TM Reverse shoulder systems to the Zimmer Recall Coordinator, and c. destroy previous versions of the surgical technique, and d. inform users of when the new surgical technique, instrument case, distal reamers, and distal pilots will be shipped to them based on communication from Zimmer, Inc. Handling of returned product: HCPs were notified to return all of the distal pilots in the scope back to Zimmer which were to be be destroyed once the recall has been completed. They will also be instructed to either return the reamers back to Zimmer or to remove these reamers from the TM Reverse shoulder systems sets and place into the Bigliani/Flatow Complete Shoulder Solution set. New surgical techniques will also be introduced and the user will be asked to remove previous versions of the surgical technique from all points of use. This removal will be verified by Zimmer Sales Representatives. For questions regarding this recall call (574) 371-8852.


  • Modèle / numéro de série
    Catalog Number 00-4310-008/018-13  All Lot Numbers
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  • Dispositif implanté ?
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA, Nationwide, Switzerland and Eschbach, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, Canada, and Thailand.
  • Description du dispositif
    ZIMMER TRABECULAR METAL SHOULDER INSTRUMENTATION, DISTAL PILOT used for implantation of the Zimmer¿ Trabecular Metal Humeral and/or Zimmer¿ Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder Systems: Catalog Number 00-4310-008/018-13. || The distal pilot manual surgical instrument is used in the surgical procedure to implant the Zimmer¿ Trabecular Metal Humeral and Zimmer¿ Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder Systems. The distal pilot is attached to the proximal reamer during proximal reaming and to the proximal provisional during trialing. In both of these cases the distal pilot is used to provide alignment for the proximal devices. The Zimmer Trabecular Metal Shoulder System consists of conventional and reverse, semi- and nonconstrained (resurfacing) shoulder prostheses for total or hemi-arthroplasty applications. The Zimmer Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder System is a treatment option for patients with severe rotator cuff (RC) deficiency. The stem was designed so that its bearing surfaces, as compared to a traditional humeral stem, is such that the humeral component contains a concave ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) liner that articulates with a hemispheric metallic glenoid component. These two systems are used for: - the treatment of severe pain or significant disability in degenerative, - rheumatoid, or traumatic disease of the glenohumeral joint; - ununited humeral head fractures of long duration; - irreducible 3-and 4-part proximal humeral fractures; - avascular necrosis of the humeral head, or other difficult clinical management problems where arthrodesis or resectional arthroplasty is not acceptable.
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    Zimmer Inc., 345 E Main St, Warsaw IN 46580-2746
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