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Un dispositif médical dans la base de données

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    US and Australia, Thailand, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, Taiwan, Canada, South Africa, China, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Norway, India, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Denmark, Korea, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, .Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden.
  • Description du dispositif
    Bond Elut OMS (Dried Matrix Spotting)' Product; || Catalog model numbers: || 5022-8226 - Auto DBS Card (LCMS Extraction Sys) 50 pk; || A400150 - Bond Elut EMS Card 50/Pk; || A400150K - Bond Elut DMS Card BULK 500/pk; || A400150SK - Bond Elut DMS Card Starter Kit || A42001 - Bond Elut MDS Card Accessory Pack || Product Usage: For use in the analysis of dried blood spots and other || biological matrices in research applications for drug || metabolism pharmacokinetics/ absorption, distribution. || metabolism and excretion (DMPK/ ADME) studies.