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    The trocar KII access systems are indicated in laparoscopic interventions of general, abdominal, gynecological and thoracic minimally invasive surgery, with the purpose of establishing an insertion path or achieving access through tissue planes and / or potential spaces for endoscopic instruments. All components are made of latex-free materials. The trocar access systems are sterile and disposable devices for use in a single patient. Optical trocar access systems use an optical element to visualize the tissue layers during insertion; however, they can be used without visualization for primary or secondary inserts.
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    CA090 with expiration date prior to March 18, 2019, lots 1190181 through 1265006.
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    It is indicated for ligating vessels that, in the opinion of the surgeon, require a medium or large size ligature clip.

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    Applied Medical Resources Corp, 22872 Avenida Empresa, Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688-2650
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